Noteable Graves at Brookwood Cemetery

You can browse some of the notable people buried here at the cemetery below and find out more information about them. If however you are looking for a particular individual you can use the fast links tab on the right hand side at the top which has a list of notables and links to further information.

Syed Al Razawi Ameer Ali (1846-1928) [PLOT119]

Syed Al Razawi Ameer Ali (1846-1928) [PLOT119]

Syed Al Razawi Ameer Ali (1846-1928) [PLOT119] Founder of the Muslim League.An Indian/British Indian jurist hailing from the state of Oudh from where his father moved and settled down at Bengal Presidency. He was a prominent political leader, and author of a number of...

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Johanna Kinkel (1810-1858) [PLOT 100]

Johanna Kinkel (1810-1858) [PLOT 100]

Johanna Kinkel (1810-1858)[PLOT 100]German pianist, composer, poet, and writer.Kinkel was an author of considerable merit. She wrote on musical subjects, including regular review articles of music events for the Bonner Zeitung, a newspaper she and her husband edited....

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Dr Alice Vickery Drysdale (1844-1929) [PLOT 108]

Dr Alice Vickery Drysdale (1844-1929) [PLOT 108]

Dr Alice Vickery Drysdale (1844-1929) [PLOT 108]Doctor and promotor of birth control. President of Malthusian League.She was an English physician, campaigner for women's rights, and the first British woman to qualify as a chemist and pharmacist. She and her life...

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Charles Robert Drysdale (1829-1907) [PLOT 108]

Charles Robert Drysdale (1829-1907) [PLOT 108]

Charles Robert Drysdale (1829-1907) [PLOT 108]Doctor and engineer. Founder of the Malthusian League. He was an English engineer, physician and public health scientist, and the first President of the Malthusian League. He published books on the topics of the evils of...

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Bennet Graham Burleigh (1840-1914) [PLOT105]

Bennet Graham Burleigh (1840-1914) [PLOT105]

Bennet Graham Burleigh(1840-1914) [PLOT105]Journalist.Born in Glasgow, he began work as a shipping clerk at the age of 20. Shortly afterwards, he was forced to marry one of the family's servants after getting her pregnant. Burley left for North America with another...

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SIR JAMES BRUNLEES (1816-1892) [PLOT 105]

SIR JAMES BRUNLEES (1816-1892) [PLOT 105]

SIR JAMES BRUNLEES (1816-1892) [PLOT 105]Civil Engineer.James was born in Kelso on 5th January 1816. He was sent to school at the age of six were he excelled in arithmetic and elementary mensuration. His father removed him from school when he was twelve and set him to...

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Alfred Edmeades Bestall (1892-1985) [PLOT 100]

Alfred Edmeades Bestall (1892-1985) [PLOT 100]

Alfred Edmeades Bestall (1892-1985) [PLOT 100]Rupert Bear Cartoon Illustrator. Invited to take over the "Rupert Bear" strip in 1935 when its originator, Mary Tourtel, had to retire due to failing eyesight, he developed and wrote over 270 Rupert adventures, and...

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Daniel Nichols (1833-1897) [PLOT 131]

Daniel Nichols (1833-1897) [PLOT 131]

Daniel Nichols (1833-1897)[PLOT 131] Founder of Café Royal in London. Born as Daniel Nicolas Thévenon in Champlost in Burgundy in France and the son of Jean Baptiste Thévenon, he was apprenticed to a coachbuilder in Sens before moving in the early 1850s to Paris,...

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Sir Thomas Dakin
Khurshid Hassan Drabu CBE
Professor Sir Arthur Schuster
Thomas Humphrey
Boris Berezovsky
HRH Sharif Al-Hussein Ben Ali
Sir Cosmo Edmund Duff-Gordon
Sarah Eleanor Smith
Lady Henry Somerset
Sir Alex Meadows Rendel
Charles Henry Mileham
Baron de Cartier de Marchienne
Reverend Alexander Heriot Mackonochie
Alfred William Hunt
Leveson Francis Vernon-Harcourt
Harry Govier Seeley
Joyce Pearce
Dugald Drummond
John Hay Beith
Edward Ballard
Charles Warne
Horatia Nelson Johnson
Field Marshal Sir William Robert Robertson
Admiral Sir Arthur Cummings
John Thomas Tiller
Sir Eustace Henry William Tennyson d’Eyncourt
Frederick Edward Hulme
Hugo Hirst
Magdalena Cecilia Colledge
Sir Owen Willans Richardson
Arthur Stockdale Cope KCVO, RA.
Sir John Wolfe Barry
Edward White
Dennis Yates Wheatley
Forest Frederic Edward Yeo Thomas
Sir Edward Robert Peacock
Albert Visetti
Stanley Hugh Coryton Roberts
Sir Percy Girouard
Margaret, Duchess of Argyll
Syed Al Razawi Ameer Ali
Johanna Kinkel
Dr Alice Vickery Drysdale
Charles Robert Drysdale
Bennet Graham Burleigh
Sir James Brunlees
Alfred Edmeades Bestall
William Henry Quilliam
Muhammad Marmaduke William Pickthall
Daniel Nichols
Abdullah Yusuf Ali
HRH Princess Sharifa Musbah Haider El-Asimi
Richard Ansdell
Zaha Mohammad Hadid
Zdenka Pokorna
William Frend de Morgan
Robert Knox
Ramadan Guney
John Singer Sargent
John Lynch
Gottleib Leitner
Edith Thompson
Charles Bradlaugh
Abdul Rahman Andak
Carroll Gibbons
Abdul Rahman Andak