Listed Monuments

This page contains details of the monuments within Brookwood Cemetery that have been approved for a Grade II or Grade II* status. We are pleased to announce that consequent to Woking Borough Council‘s agreement to submit a formal request to the Department of Culture, Media & Sport for the statutory listing of certain memorials at Brookwood, fifteen of the twenty memorials submitted have been approved for statutory listing. Of these, 14 are listed Grade II and one is listed Grade II*.

For the first time, Brookwood Cemetery will be in a position to bid for external funding to assist with the restoration of these monuments.

  • Bronze memorial to Lady Matilda Jane Pelham-Clinton (died 1892) and Lord Edward Pelham-Clinton (died 1907) [More]
  • Bent family memorial (plot 34) [More]
  • Brookwood Memorial (military section)
  • Columbarium (plot 26) [More]
  • De Morgan memorial, to William and Evelyn De Morgan(plot 24) [More]
  • Drake family mausoleum (plot 31) [More]
  • Elaine Falkiner (plot 2) [More]
  • Sir Luke Fildes (plot 36) [More]
  • Freshfield family memorial (plot 44) [More]
  • Dr Gottlieb W. Leitner (plot 2) [More ]
  • Sir E. W. Moir (plot 4) [More]
  • G. Salviati (plot 25) [More]
  • Henri van Laun (plot 80 )[More]
  • John S. Sargent (plot 27) [More]
  • Vickers family memorial (plot 31) [More]