How to request a grave search at Brookwood Cemetery

Basic Search

Basic Search

Price: £15.00

Takes approximately 2 weeks*
Please only choose this service if:

  • Your objective is to establish whether or not the deceased is buried at Brookwood Cemetery


  • You already know that the deceased is buried at Brookwood Cemetery, but you require details of the plot that the deceased is buried within.
Standard Search

Standard Search

Price: £40.00

Takes approximately 3 weeks*

You are advised to choose this service only if you are sure the deceased was buried at Brookwood Cemetery. This service includes a copy of the entry from the burial register and a photograph of the memorial (where possible). If no memorial exists or the memorial cannot be identified because it is, for example, damaged or unreadable then a photo of the plot or approximate area can be provided.

Express Search

Express Search

Price: £60.00

Takes approximately 1 week* This service is the same as a standard search, just quicker.

Apply by Post

Apply by Post

You may apply in writing by post to:

Brookwood Park Ltd
Glades House,
Cemetery Pales,
Surrey GU24 0BL

Please enclose a cheque, payable to “Brookwood Park Ltd” for the amount shown above.

When applying for a grave search, please ensure you provide the following information:

  • Full name of the deceased
  • Date of death and/or date of burial
  • Grave number (if applicable)
  • Your Full Name
  • Your relationship to the deceased
  • Contact number (in case we require clarification or further details)
  • Home address or email address
  • Any other information you hold that you believe could be of assistance
Apply Online

To apply online, fill out the form below and click on Submit. You may then send a cheque as detailed above or telephone the Cemetery Office on 01483 472222 for details of alternative methods of payment.
* = required field

    Your Application

    *If you have not had a response to your request within the approximate time frame please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Due to the high volume of inquiries received and the time it takes, we are unable to carry out grave searches unless payment is received. All money raised will be used for restoration and maintenance projects within the cemetery grounds.

    Brookwood Cemetery offers a service for searching for a particular grave. Please read the following carefully before submitting a grave search request:

    We have listed some of the parishes and churches with links to the cemetery, and another list of guilds and organisations that have used the cemetery. These lists are not necessarily exhaustive, but may help you decide whether or not you need to approach us:

    For enquiries concerning burials in the Military Cemetery please email the Commonwealth War Graves Commission at


    North Cemetery Entrance closure
    21 June 2021 – 12 July 2021

    The main entrance to the north side of the cemetery, off Cemetery Pales, will be closed to vehicles and pedestrians for approximately three weeks to allow for resurfacing works to be carried out. The north side of the cemetery is still open to visitors able to arrive on foot and can be accessed via the Brookwood Station underpass, the Red House carpark or military cemeteries.

    Limited parking is available at Red House on weekdays for a maximum of 90 minutes and weekends. Alternative parking is available at Brookwood Station (charges apply). Funerals are taking place as normal and the Cemetery Team will provide details of the temporary access arrangements in place.The resurfacing works are part of a consented scheme to provide 450 new burials pots, additional parking, create a new wetland habitat and restore an area of the cemetery used as an illegal waste site by the previous owners.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the works.
    If you have a question about accessing site, please call the Brookwood Cemetery Office.

    Telephone No: 01483 472222