Author, reporter, literary critic.

Born Cicily Fairfield, she began writing for The Freewoman under the pseudonym “Rebecca West”. Her book ‘Henry James’ (published 1916) established her literary reputation. When she was 21, she began a liaison with H. G. Wells with whom she had a son (Anthony West). In 1930 Rebecca married the banker Henry Andrews. Rebecca was made CBE in 1949 and DBE in 1959. She was a witness for the defence in 1960, in the D H Lawrence case about his book Lady Chatterley’s Lover. After her husband had died, she bought an apartment overlooking Hyde Park, which was next to the Iranian Embassy and in May 1980 during the Iranian Embassy siege, she was one of the residents that had to be evacuated from her home. She was a lady with strong political views, a supporter of the suffragettes, and found herself on Hitler’s blacklist. In her time, she wrote many fictional and non-fictional novels.

North Cemetery Entrance closure
21 June 2021 – 12 July 2021

The main entrance to the north side of the cemetery, off Cemetery Pales, will be closed to vehicles and pedestrians for approximately three weeks to allow for resurfacing works to be carried out. The north side of the cemetery is still open to visitors able to arrive on foot and can be accessed via the Brookwood Station underpass, the Red House carpark or military cemeteries.

Limited parking is available at Red House on weekdays for a maximum of 90 minutes and weekends. Alternative parking is available at Brookwood Station (charges apply). Funerals are taking place as normal and the Cemetery Team will provide details of the temporary access arrangements in place.The resurfacing works are part of a consented scheme to provide 450 new burials pots, additional parking, create a new wetland habitat and restore an area of the cemetery used as an illegal waste site by the previous owners.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the works.
If you have a question about accessing site, please call the Brookwood Cemetery Office.

Telephone No: 01483 472222