Edward Lewes Cutts (1824-1901) [Plot 4]

Edward Cutts was born in Sheffield and educated at the Sheffield Collegiate School and Queen’s College Cambridge.  He was ordained in 1848 and was curate of Ide Hill, Kent (1848-50); Coggeshall, Essex (1850-57); Kelvedon (1857-59); and of Billericay (1859-65).  On leaving Billericay he became general secretary of the Additional Curates Society in London (1865-71).

In 1876 he was appointed to report on the state of the Syrian and Chaldean churches, resulting in the Archbishops’ Mission to the Assyrian Christians.  Edward Cutts later described these travels in his Christians Under the Crescent in Asia (1877).  Edward Cutts was also interested in archaeology and ecclesiastical history and published many books on these topics.

They include: A Manual for the Study of the Sepulchral Slabs and Crosses of the Middle Ages (1849), Colchester Castle not a Roman Temple (1853), A Dictionary of the Church of England (1887), and Colchester (1888, in the Historic Towns series).


This extract is found in historian John M. Clarke’s book London’s Necropolis, 2018 (2nd edn.)