Built in 1858, the gothic revival style Mausoleum stands in the backwoods of Brookwood Cemetery, Plot 57 and was originally built as a cemetery mortuary chapel.  The architect was John Johnson and the sculptural decoration was carried out by W Boulton.

The Mortuary Chapel is built entirely of bath stone; the roof is of stone, carried on arches. Internally the sides are divided into compartments by slate slabs for coffins. The structure includes fantastically fine carved figures of knights in armour on the exterior gable ends. The chapel was adopted by the Colquhoun’s as their family mausoleum before it was completed in 1858. The structure was last restored in 1924 by Violette Freeman in memory of Eliza Colquhoun Redhouse.

For years the Chapel remained cocooned within a wealth of overgrowth and was uncovered in 2016 to expose its splendid character.

The chapel was used for filming an episode of ITV’s Endeavour in November 2017.  The crude blockage to the entrance of the chapel was removed, the original doors re-hung, and a temporary false floor installed where the concrete flooring had given way to the crypt.

As considered one of Brookwood Cemetery’s “Jewel in the Crown” a programme of works have been approved for restoration. The Chapel has been inspected and a schedule of repairs and refurbishment work has been provided by Priory Heritage Ltd and we have appointed a specialist company, Sally Strachey Historic Conservation, to carry out these works. The work is very much of a specialist nature and will include masonry repairs, internal works, drainage to the crypt and a pathway from the main roadside.

The intention is that upon completion, the Chapel will be brought back to its former beauty and be appreciated by visitors for many years to come.

Please Note. The roadway at the end of St Marks Avenue will be closed to parking during the period of works.

North Cemetery Entrance closure
21 June 2021 – 12 July 2021

The main entrance to the north side of the cemetery, off Cemetery Pales, will be closed to vehicles and pedestrians for approximately three weeks to allow for resurfacing works to be carried out. The north side of the cemetery is still open to visitors able to arrive on foot and can be accessed via the Brookwood Station underpass, the Red House carpark or military cemeteries.

Limited parking is available at Red House on weekdays for a maximum of 90 minutes and weekends. Alternative parking is available at Brookwood Station (charges apply). Funerals are taking place as normal and the Cemetery Team will provide details of the temporary access arrangements in place.The resurfacing works are part of a consented scheme to provide 450 new burials pots, additional parking, create a new wetland habitat and restore an area of the cemetery used as an illegal waste site by the previous owners.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the works.
If you have a question about accessing site, please call the Brookwood Cemetery Office.

Telephone No: 01483 472222

Email: info@brookwoodcemetery.com