Planning a burial at Brookwood Cemetery

Burial Options

Brookwood Cemetery can host and conduct burials Monday – Friday 09.00 to 16.00 and from 09.00 am until 14.00 at weekends. These times reduce slightly during the winter months due to available daylight. Burial plots can also be selected and reserved in advance. Choosing a grave with a lasting memorial is an important decision and we strongly suggest you visit the Cemetery to view the types of graves and areas available before you make your final decision. Please make an appointment with the cemetery office where a member of staff will be happy to help you.

All Faith and Non-Faith Burials

Burial plots can be selected by the family across a wide range of areas depending upon your requirements or religious beliefs.

Every effort is made to ensure that burial rituals and/or traditions are carried out accordingly.

We permit shroud burial and can accommodate same-day or next day funerals.
A wide range of stone memorial designs are permitted, including traditional full memorials. (Maximum dimension’s: Headstone 3’0” high x 2’6 wide 3” thickness, Kerbing 6’6” long x 2’6” wide)


Interment/scattering of Cremated Remains

The Glades of Remembrance were created over 50 years ago in response to the demand for a more permanent form of commemoration as an alternative for those who prefer cremation.

The Glades, set in some 20 acres of magnificent wooded gardens with leafy glades and ornamental lake, provide a truly private resting place in which ashes may be interred.

The choice of each site, whether for the individual or the family, is a matter of personal preference and small memorials or tablets may be erected in memory of those who rest there.

A scattering area is provided next to the lake cascade for those who wish to have their loved ones cremated remains strewn to the wind.

Woodland Burials

There are currently two areas usually used for woodland burials.
They are Plot 134 on the North side and Plot 69A (lower St Mark’s Avenue) on the south side of the cemetery. Burials may take place adjacent to existing trees in these plots, otherwise a new tree or shrub may be planted in memory of a loved one.

Green Burials

Green Burials are the most natural environmentally responsible funeral choice. It involves caring for the person who has died in as natural a way as possible (no embalming), choosing a biodegradable coffin or shroud, and burial in a shallow grave where the body can return swiftly to its natural elements in the oxygen-rich upper layers of soil.

Any memorial or grave marker should also be biodegradable, meaning in time the grave blends back into the surrounding landscape.

Natural burial grounds are managed to enhance biodiversity, and over time become beautiful, richly populated havens for wildlife, creating a lasting legacy for those who have been buried there.

The main area reserved for green burials is plot 69 which has been called “Gillian’s Meadow”


Brookwood Cemetery chapel is located on the North side of the Cemetery on Plot 124 and is available for interdenominational use.

It was built in 1899.  The architects were Cyril B. Tubbs and Arthur Messer who also designed the larger Church of England chapel (now the St Edward the Martyr Church). The chapel was dedicated to the Holy Souls and consecrated by the Rev. Francis Bourne, Bishop of Southwark on 6 November 1899.

The seating layout can be altered as required, likewise, religious symbols may be added or removed. The standard service time in our chapel is 1 hour, during which time music may be played using our CD player. This should all be arranged through your Funeral Director in advance of your service.

Community Mausoleums

Community Mausoleums provide space for several individuals or multiple families in one building for a period of 100 years.
The individual chambers provide a secure enclosure that will remain clean and completely dry.

If the concept of burial in the ground is not your preference, and the added prestige of being placed inside a structure gives you more comfort, then your own chamber in a Community Mausoleum may be the choice for you or your loved one.

The Community Mausoleum is constructed from high-quality Portland Stone and Black Granite facing plates. Each chamber is ventilated and the coffin rests in its own coffin tray. For further information or to arrange a selection please contact the cemetery office.


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North Cemetery Entrance closure
21 June 2021 – 12 July 2021

The main entrance to the north side of the cemetery, off Cemetery Pales, will be closed to vehicles and pedestrians for approximately three weeks to allow for resurfacing works to be carried out. The north side of the cemetery is still open to visitors able to arrive on foot and can be accessed via the Brookwood Station underpass, the Red House carpark or military cemeteries.

Limited parking is available at Red House on weekdays for a maximum of 90 minutes and weekends. Alternative parking is available at Brookwood Station (charges apply). Funerals are taking place as normal and the Cemetery Team will provide details of the temporary access arrangements in place.The resurfacing works are part of a consented scheme to provide 450 new burials pots, additional parking, create a new wetland habitat and restore an area of the cemetery used as an illegal waste site by the previous owners.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the works.
If you have a question about accessing site, please call the Brookwood Cemetery Office.

Telephone No: 01483 472222